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Welcome to Dresspopped

Before launching dresspopped.com, our skilled team worked as a manufacturer and supplier in retail fashion. While we can't reveal any names, we can tell you that we've made fashions for some of the best names in the business. Over the past decade, our clothing has been worn by millions of stylish women. Discovering photos and videos of customers on social media showing off and admiring our work always puts a smile on our faces and makes every tough day and challenging decision worthwhile. Out of this experience and enthusiasm, we knew it was time to create something of our own.

Now we are running our own business dresspopped.com. We sell products directly produced by our own factory with high quality and low price. We believe this is mutually beneficial for our customers and our manufacturers.

Dresspopped sells our amazing factory-made garments directly to consumers. Eliminating middlemen and the extra fees involved allows us to maintain high quality and style standards while keeping our prices surprisingly low. We are proud to sell cool, stylish, beautiful fashion that everyone can use. Instead of collaborating with established brands, we offer designs from independent and up-and-coming designers, drawing on a wealth of unique talent and creativity that has yet to be discovered - but it's certainly worth it. With the perfect mix of weekend dresses, work shirts, comfy sweatshirt sets and more, our company is proud to sell coveted pieces that bring joy.

In addition to making sure our customers look great, Dresspopped recognizes the importance of doing the right thing for our employees, partners, customers and the world. Ethical production is our top priority, especially in an oversaturated industry where companies will stop at nothing to keep prices down. In addition to working with independent fashion designers, we support and encourage sustainable practices, such as using recycled fabrics for more environmentally friendly processes and reducing waste. With decades of retail experience, our founders understand the best and worst ways to run a company. As such, Dresspopped puts workers' rights and fair pay first. In addition to supporting our own employees, we only work with brands and designers who guarantee fair treatment and pay their employees. But that's not all. We also want to do our part in giving back. We donate a portion of our annual income to charities that help eradicate poverty around the world.

Customer Service

You may have questions, but we've got you covered. Our 12/7 customer service is always here to help. You can easily find out our friendly customer advisor by Facebook messages, Instagram or service email.
For questions concerning your order or your purchase please contact :service@dresspopped.com

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